Wandering Rose Travels is the story of a couple of baby boomers, living the dream of exploring the world and being active outdoors. Our goal is to hike, bike, kayak and what have you as much as we can, while we can. Join us as we push the boundaries of age and address.

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Meet the Roses

Wandering Rose

Wandering Rose

An adventurous soul who never meets a stranger, I travel in search of artistic inspiration and activities to keep me moving.
Thorny Rose

Thorny Rose

After limited success in my dream job of freshwater pirate, I ran a marketing firm for 35 years before taking off to become a blogger.

I think most people would like to step outside for one minute to experience the shock of 128 degrees. But would you plan a vacation to achieve that? W...

Ever wonder how some people see things in nature that you might miss completely? And how some hikers get amazing wildlife photos and others rarely get...

Why visit Portland, Maine? Portland Head Lighthouse, lobster, beer and museums are just the start. We stayed in the historic downtown Portland harbor ...

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